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Elbasan, Albania.
 Since 1995
Medicinal & Aromatic
       dried herbs


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Process of Medicinal Aromatic Plants 

CELAHERBAL Company, trades and offers 

variety of wild herbs which are provided 

from different places in Albania especially 

from, mountains, forests, fields, lawn, etc. 

These herbs harvests from farmers, they 

use all necessary techniques: 

harvesting, cuts unnecessary parts of herbs, 

drying on wooden tents and filling 

in bags. After this process of farmers our 

firm collects these herbs from them and

team  of workers passes through many 

steps such are: sifting, cleaning, filling in 

bags, weights, standardization, pressing and 

finally the sales market.

Traditional History !

In the sector of medicinal plants Albania is well-
known toward the world for pure plants and 
for multiplicity of them. An important role that 
favor this culture performs suitable climate 
and pure nature. This resource that already 
is developed and spread enough into our place 
has attracted much foreign purchases companies. 
For decades this culture keeps respect and 
continues to practiced from farmers, as much 
as has turned into a early tradition.