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Elbasan, Albania.
 Since 1995
Medicinal & Aromatic
       dried herbs


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We are a company that operates on market from more than 20 years focusing 

on collection, processing, cleaning, cutting, trading and wholesaling raw 

material of medicinal aromatic dried plants. Our activity starts as a 

small collector since 1995 and along this time we have collaborated on

inside markets. After a long time on herbs trade, gradually started 

to increase the demandfor goods from our customers and in these condition 

our society expanded by building new warehouses and growing 

the capacity of goods. This changes leaded us toward foreign trades, 

by exporting to mainly European countries like, Germany, France, Poland, 

Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, etc.


This company trades about 200 kinds of different items, mainly crop from 

wild herbs which could find easily in pure nature of our place. We work 

every day to grow quality of products and quality of service for only purpose, 

that in the future to be leading company on this industry. Our qualified 

team of workers, treats herbs on special care and on the right ways based 

on long experience in sector of herbs preparation. Good storage conditions, 

carefully processing, right standardization and correctness, make that 

our products sells easily and being required sum from well known foreign firms.

With a variety of offerings to choose from we are sure you will remaining 

satisfied working with us. We look forward to an opportunity 

to serve you with our high quality products and services.

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